Beef & Pork Original Summer Sausage (454g)

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Authentic Original Beef & Pork handmade summer sausage created from quality beef and pork. We use a traditional method of fermentation and cold smoke to create our delicious products. Once you taste it you’ll know we put everything into making it as authentic and flavourful as we possibly can.

Our Original Beef & Pork handmade summer sausage is:

– Fermented Cold-Smoked
– Traditional Authentic Recipe
–  100% Natural
– Gluten Free
– Dairy Free
– High in Protein
– Dry Cured
– No Added Colours or Artificial Ingredients

At Atwood Heritage, sausage making is a tradition that has been in our families since Mennonite farmers came to Canada over two centuries ago. In the 1950’s we started to share this passion with sausage lovers who craved authentic natural flavours based on family recipes. Our handmade sausages are fermented cold smoked and dry-cured… just like they’ve always been.

Sizes: 454g and 750g

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Salami – 454g (1lb) – Case (5 Units), Salami – 750g (1.7lb), Salami – 454g (1 lb)



5 reviews for Beef & Pork Original Summer Sausage (454g)

  1. Bob Stickel

    We are enjoying the summer sausage, will try another variety next time. Bob Stickel

  2. ron weisner

    This is what summer sausage is suppose to taste like, excellent quality.

  3. Arash A.

    Tastes very delicious. I like its texture and the way that the meat is ground; Also the smoke flavor is great. This is the best sausage I have ever tried. Even my niece who is almost 2 two years old now is a fan of this product.

  4. Clay Farnsworth

    Clay Farnsworth

    My family used to make summer sausage all the time. I remember the smells going into Granddad’s cellar. This is by far the best and closet sausage I have found to bring back those memories. I’m a customer for life. Great staff. Great product.
    Clay Farnsworth – Alberta

    • Atwood Heritage

      Atwood Heritage

      Thank you for the wonderful review Clay! Very interesting to hear that your family made summer sausage as well. We enjoy doing business with you

  5. Kathy Olinskie-Stacey

    Absolutely the best summer sausage!! Brings fond memories flooding back when I cut off a slice. So pleased that my 2 grown sons enjoy it as much as I do.

    • Atwood Heritage

      Atwood Heritage

      Thank you for your great review Kathy! We are pleased you and your family enjoy the summer sausage. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.

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