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Handmade Sausage

Traditional Authentic Taste


Atwood Heritage

We wish for our Mennonite heritage to shine through in all that we do, from our time-tested, 60 year old recipe, to our workmanship that results in the finest product that we can make. Once you taste it you’ll know that we put everything into making it as authentic and flavourful as we possibly can.

We Process Wild Game

Atwood Heritage proudly offers wild game meat processing! We can work with any wild game that you bring in, and you can feel confident that it will be processed correctly. When we process wild game, we use the same care and technique you’ve come to expect from our standard meat products. You’ll always get your meat back, guaranteed — there are no gimmicks here.

Wild Game Requirements:

If you’re interested in having Atwood Heritage process your wild game, give us a call at 519-356-8870 and we will give you our first available date. Before you call, please review our Wild Game Checklist:

  • Meat must be de-boned and frozen.
  • A minimum batch weight of 25 lbs. is required. This may include wild game and pork.
  • Confirm if pork is to be added to the wild game batch
  • Our standard summer sausage & snack stix recipe uses a 60% wild game / 40% pork ratio. Frying sausage uses a 50% wild game / 50% pork ratio.
  • Confirm the estimated weight of the wild game to be brought in for processing.
  • Specify what the wild game is to be made into – Options include: summer sausage, snack stix, or frying sausage.
  • Confirm how many pounds out of the total wild game weight you would like to be made into each different product.
  • Contact phone number required.


In 2007 our first facility was licensed with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) which investigates provincial registered food manufacturers in terms of safety and quality standard procedures.

By the end of 2017 we expanded to two facilities and the second facility has been registered as a Canadian Federal meat plant. By taking the HACCP certification, one of the most practical tools for food safety and quality assurance, under the investigation of Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) qualified the business to sell products across Canada.

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Our Promise

Get Your Own Meat Back

Atwood Heritage is committed to delivering our promise of making sure the meat you bring to us is the same meat you will get back in your requested finished product.


Regardless if you are supplying beef from your farm gate, or bringing in wild game from your annual hunt, each carton and batch of meat is carefully weighed and tagged with the customer’s information at the beginning of the process to the final end of the finished product for traceability purposes.You can trust us with your meat.

Customer satisfaction and happiness is our goal!

Get Shelf Stable Products

Our product is shelf stable and does not need to be refrigerated. We recommend you store the product in a cool dry area, and refrigerate after opening to keep its quality and fresh flavour. This product also freezes well. Our sausage is handmade using locally-sourced ingredients, fermented and dry-cured, gluten free and dairy free.

Gluten Free – Dairy Free

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